Monday, February 21, 2011

Difference between & Silverlight ?

Microsoft had tough time competing with advanced, media-rich plug-in solutions such as Adobe Flash. Additionally, it is difficult to create Web applications that offer a consistent experience across all supported browsers and platforms by using ASP.NET and AJAX.In 2006, Microsoft began developing a solution to extend into the browser and offer media experiences more robust than competing plug-in solutions.

In 2007 they introduced "SILVERLIGHT" to challenge Adobe Flash.
I will display few differences between and silverlight in the below table.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

UK Tier-1 Extension Calculator.

The below link provides easy way of calculating the points requried for Extending or applying Tier-1 Visa. Its acurate and provided by UK govt.

When can we apply for UK Tier-1 extension ?

We can apply for UK Tier-1 extension no more than five weeks in advance of the expiry of your current leave. If Tier-1 (HSMP) leave has already expired, we should submit an application as soon as possible.

For more inforamtion click on the below link..